Thai Massage Treatments

Thai Yoga Massage Treatments

Rejuvenating Massage 15 min á 300 kr

Thai Yoga Massage Session 60 min á 650 kr

Thai Yoga Massage Session 90 min á 850 kr

For bookings please contact Milou on + 46 70-356 53 45

e-mail for questions

THAI MASSAGE Milou offers a Thai Yoga Massage treatment based on traditional Thai Massage from Sunshine School in Lahu Village, Chiang Mai Thailand. In her sessions she uses deep abdominal breathing, weaving Yin and Yang together into a personal practice of grounding and spiritual expansion. She uses Thai-massage tools and deep yogic stretch to align the physical body, working with meridians and pressure points as well as healing through intuitive energy-work inviting a free flow through the energy channels. Her heart’s deepest passion is to go through the different layers of the body using tools from bodywork, chinese medicine and intuitive tools for healing. Milou Amanda has experience of therapeutic work through more than 650-hours of studies of Yin Therapy, Medical Yoga and 2 years of working experience in Thai-massage in studios in Sweden, Yoga festivals in Asia and California. She has a background in Psychology of Medical Science with a major in Neuropsychology from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and work with kids with disabilities.